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sifsilcopper no 985 1.2mm 2.5kg
sifsilcopper no 985 1.2mm 2.5kg . High quality rod containing a minimum of 98.5% copper with deoxidizing elements. It is ideal for TIG welding of copper.
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218.94 (inc. vat) 174.10 (inc. vat)  
sifsteel 316l 1.2mm 2.5kg stainless
sifsteel 316l 1.2mm 2.5kg stainless. A molybdenum bearing, stainless steel filler rod with low carbon content. It is corrosion resistant for welding molybdenum bearing austenitic stainless steels.
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70.23 (inc. vat) 56.07 (inc. vat)  
switch and 4m lead
switch and 4m lead. Switch and 12-1/2ft lead - Air cooled 125a torch with a flexi-head . Available with or without a valve in 12 1/2 ft and 25ft lengths.
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23.64 (inc. vat) 18.56 (inc. vat)  



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